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Dental Sealants in Edmonton

Cavities commonly appear within the naturally deep pits of your molars. These pits can be hard to reach when you are brushing your teeth, providing a great environment for bacteria to build up. To help prevent cavities from forming in your molars, consider dental sealants in Edmonton. Sealants are a plastic film coating used to protect the biting surface of your teeth. They shield the grooves of your teeth from food particles and plaque, making brushing and flossing easier. If you’re interested in dental sealants in Edmonton, turn to Janz Family Dental. We provide dental sealants to patients of all ages. 

Applying Dental Sealants – What to Expect

The dental sealant process is relatively quick and easy. It requires no freezing or numbing because the procedure is not extensive or overtly invasive. Sealants are usually applied after your teeth have been prepped. The hygienist will polish the surface of your teeth and remove any plaque or food debris. The teeth to be sealed will be isolated and dried. Next, the bonding and sealant materials are placed on the surface of your molars. Usually, the sealant is brushed on with a small brush and allowed to harden or cure. Once cured, the sealant is done. The sealant will be nearly invisible and won’t feel any different than the surfaces of your natural teeth. The whole process generally takes only a few minutes and can be completed in one appointment. 

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last? 

Dental sealants can last roughly 10 years with proper hygiene care. You will want to brush and floss your teeth as you normally do. The sealants won’t be in the way. Over time, however, the sealants gradually wear away. Luckily, there is no removal procedure needed in order to apply new sealants over old ones. Your dentist will simply apply a new coat of sealant with a brush to the areas that have worn away. It’s important that you maintain frequent teeth cleaning appointments because your dentist will also be able to check your sealants for chips or excessive wear. If there are problem areas, the dentist can fix them.

Dental Sealants & Children

While dental sealants can be applied at any age, children are the likeliest candidates. Many young children have a hard time brushing their back or posterior teeth. These teeth contain the deep anatomical grooves where food particles and plaque like to stick. If the plaque is not removed then a cavity will form. Sealants help keep the plaque from being wedged too deeply into the grooves of teeth, therefore, making it easier to remove during brushing and flossing. Dental sealants from Edmonton’s Janz Family Dental are an excellent cavity prevention measure for children. After all, getting a quick sealant placed beats getting a cavity any day!

Learn More About Dental Sealants

Ask if dental sealants are right for you and your children the next time you visit Janz Family Dental. Book an appointment today.

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