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If you have a tooth that has begun to decay or is heavily infected, you’ll likely require a root canal. While that may be cause for fear, the dentists at Janz Family Dental in Edmonton want you to know it’s a standard procedure that rarely causes more discomfort than a filling. Don't wait until it becomes a dental emergency! We anticipate that you will have a few questions regarding a root canal, and have provided answers to frequently asked questions below. Once you’re prepared, give us a call to schedule your appointment!


What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a way of treating an extremely decayed or infected tooth without extraction.


How will a Root Canal Help Avoid Having a Tooth Extracted?

We clean out the decayed or infected portion of the tooth during a root canal, including the canals where bacteria may lodge; following the root canal treatment, a crown is placed on the tooth to give you normal chewing function while preventing further infection.


What are Some Signs That a Root Canal May Be Needed?

When do I need a root canal? While some people experience no symptoms at all, many people may feel:

  • Severe tooth pain while chewing or biting
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot/cold temperatures
  • Gum swelling and tenderness or recurring pimples in the gum around the tooth
  • A change in the colour or a slight darkening of the tooth

How is a Root Canal Performed?

At the Janz Family Dental, we’ll begin with a local anesthetic, freezing the area around the tooth and helping to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Then we’ll place a barrier called a rubber dam around the tooth to keep it from being further infected by your saliva while we perform the root canal. Although decay may have already created an opening in your tooth, we will probably have to enlarge the opening so that we can fully access and clean out the root canal system and the infected pulp within the tooth with our instruments. Then, we’ll cover the opening with a temporary filling while your crown is being made. Usually, a second visit is required to install the crown and restore the natural function of your tooth.


Is a Root Canal Painful?

Every person’s experience is unique. When a dentist orders a root canal, it’s for a good reason. The risks of not treating a tooth far outweigh any temporary discomfort. We realize that many patients have dental anxiety, and we make every effort to make you comfortable. Our dentists will freeze the infected tooth to ensure you don’t feel the discomfort during or after the procedure. In addition, we have a comfortable dental office and televisions in the ceiling to make the time of the treatment go by more quickly.


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