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Laughing Gas

Anesthesia in Edmonton: Laughing Gas Available for Your Appointment

At Janz Family Dental, we’re well aware that a trip to the dentist can make some patients anxious, especially children. That’s why we offer a type of anesthesia in Edmonton known as laughing gas. Laughing gas is a colourless and mostly odourless gas that has been used in the medical field for centuries. It creates both an analgesic effect (dulls the senses so patients experience pain less) and amnesic effect (helps patients forget some of the appointment while on it). Laughing gas is administered in a safe and controlled manner. Furthermore, since this type of anesthesia is inhaled its effects last only the duration of your appointment. Once the laughing gas is shut off and the laughing gas wears off, there are no lingering side-effects. You will be able to drive yourself home as well as avoid having to fast prior to your appointment. 

Uses for Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is often used during more intensive dental treatments as a way to sedate patients. However, it can also be used for patients who have a general fear of dental visits. Whether they are coming in for a routine cleaning or a root canal, laughing gas can put anxious patients at ease, allowing them to unwind and stay calm during the appointment. Children especially can benefit from laughing gas. One of the most important things for your child’s dental health is making sure they are not afraid to visit the dentist. With laughing gas, children can relax and enjoy their dental appointment. 

What’s It Like Using Laughing Gas?

When you inhale laughing gas, you will feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable overall. Unlike other anesthesia in Edmonton, laughing gas is not intended to put you to sleep. In fact, you will be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions your dentist may have while under laughing gas. Some patients have described feeling light-headed or a tingling sensation in their arms and legs. Others have described their arms and legs as feeling heavy. Once the laughing gas mask is removed, the effects wear off soon after.

Benefits of Laughing Gas

Laughing gas offers several benefits:

  • Quick acting – laughing gas usually takes affect after about 2 to 3 minutes
  • Easily controlled – how deeply sedated a patient is can be controlled from moment to moment
  • Flexible time span – laughing gas can be administered for as long as it is needed 
  • No injection required – laughing gas is inhaled using a mask that is placed over the nose

Contact Janz Family Dental 

If you are unsure if laughing gas is right for you, talk to our dental team. Contact Janz Family Dental today.


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