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Invisalign® Treatment in Edmonton

Straighten your teeth without the unflattering metal wires and brackets used in traditional orthodontia. Janz Family Dental is proud to provide Invisalign® in Edmonton for patients looking to straighten their teeth in a less noticeable way.


Invisalign® utilizes a system of custom, clear aligners to slowly move your teeth. These transparent aligners are hardly noticeable and can be removed before eating and brushing your teeth. The Invisalign® system is used for a range of orthodontic concerns from mild cases of crooked or protruding teeth to more involved issues of malocclusion, overbite, underbite, severely gapped teeth or overly crowded teeth.


These transparent, clear aligners are made with 3D computer imaging technology and have proven very effective. However, not all patients are suitable for Invisalign® treatment. As a licensed Invisalign® trained provider, we take it upon ourselves to determine if you are a suitable candidate and educate you about the process.

How Does It Work?

You need to wear each set of these aligners for about two weeks. Remove them only to brush, floss, eat and drink anything other than water. As you advance to the next aligner in the series, you will start noticing that your teeth are moving— little by little, week by week — until they have straightened to their designed final positions. We will schedule your weekly check-ups every four to six weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned. The average time for the whole treatment is around 6 to 15 months and the average number of Invisalign® aligners worn during the treatment is between 5 to 30, but it varies from person to person.


Advantages of Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign®  treatments in Edmonton have become quite popular in a short span of time. If you are wondering what is so great about them, here are a few advantages of Invisalign® treatment:

  • Not only are these aligners virtually invisible, but they are also removable. This makes it easier for you to eat and drink what you want while undergoing treatment.
  • These aligners don’t cause any problem while brushing and flossing.
  • Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign®  is way more comfortable. There are no metal wires, which automatically reduces your time at the dentist’s clinic getting adjustments.


Invisalign® in Edmonton – How Our Process Works

During your initial consultation at Janz Family Dental, we will take X-rays and make impressions of your teeth to ensure you are a viable candidate for Invisalign®. If you are eligible for this procedure, we will show you a virtual presentation at your next appointment to illustrate your expected results. Once this is done, it’s time to get your customized, clear aligners created!


Your aligners should be worn at all times aside from eating, brushing and flossing. Each aligner in the series will be worn for two weeks at a time. This process will continue until the end of your treatment. Janz Family Dental will monitor your progress with appointments every six weeks to ensure your treatment stays on track.


If you are interested in Invisalign® in Edmonton, please give us a call.

Get a Picture-Perfect Smile

Aside from Invisalign® treatments, we also provide a wide range of cosmetic dental options.


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